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lirik lagu all that now has left your reach – system syn

she says you’ll regret this
ten years down the line
in the same way that she now feels the sting
from the void of the spark that she brought to my eye
and only now do i think she’s right
though ten years haven’t p-ssed
i can feel it in your subtle glance
just a ghost of a question
taking residence in your mind
what would life have been
where would we have been
and i could have told you then
but i won’t tell you now

there’s nothing left to learn from this
there’s no one left to burn for this
there’s nowhere we can bring ourselves
that won’t reflect the place we left
we hope in time the world goes blind
the stars shut down yet we still find
there’s nowhere we can show our face
still scarred yet no one else will burn

time has severed our connection
you don’t even know my smile
you can’t even read my eyes
and she says you’ll realize this
as she won’t admit she has
all these things we could have seen
all that now has left your reach

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