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lirik lagu all that’s best in you – one less reason

“ok…this is all that’s best in you, a song for elizabeth”

you’ve grown so much, you’ve come so far
i never thought we’d end up here
you know i’ve seen this picture before
reminds me of when you were home

sometimes you’re all i see
sometimes you’re all i feel

wanted to tell you goodbye
and know that you’re safe
now that the pain is gone,
the love remains
though all my faults turn out to be so true
i couldn’t see…
all that was best in you
all that was best in you

worked so hard it broke your heart
robbed you of your smile that would save the world
a friend now more for a friend i lost
a friend that never left me unsure
i am sure

wanted to tell you i lied
oh, i made mistakes
and when i failed in life it was you i blamed
though all my faces you could see right through
i couldn’t see…
all that was best in you

you are my hope (i’m giving in)
you are the ink under my skin
you are the day that i awake
you’d be the only chance i’d take
all i am and was before
the things i love and i adore
my handful of hope and a little more

wanted to tell you i tried
to make it ok
with just one letter gone i lost the name
of that little boy smiling back at you
he couldn’t see all that was best in you.

“that’s it”

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