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lirik lagu alone at night – stina nordenstam


to fight the battle between darkness and light
there he is sitting all alone…
he found the starry sky one night, a secret he will keep

there is a house next to the station
it’s not abandoned any more
you see the lights up at the station
somebody’s living there for sure
no one’s ever stayed inside up there till dawn arrives

there was some damage to the sp-cecraft
so now they’re stuck in outer sp-ce
something went wrong down at the lift-off
two billion miles or more away
‘we’ll send another capsule
so they may be back in june…’

he lit a candle from the fireplace
sat on the floor and watched it breathe
see the lightkeeper finally found his place
and he won’t rise, won’t fall asleep

our lives are lying there before us, awaiting
so many ways to make it right
and still they’re all the same to me
these stars all look the same

and still they’re all the same to me
these days are all the same