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lirik lagu alpha male – anthrax

you should be happy
you should be really happy
i saved your life today
i didn’t kill you, although i meant to

now go and put your toys away

it’s the pecking order, back of the line
climb up tot he top jump off and take a nose dive

another societal break down

what did you just say,
you said some thing, some thing that i already said
i smell like both of us, you smell like both of us
revel in our sated l-st
open your eyes and watch me bust

ride up to the top, jump off and do a face plant

and i don’t need it around, i’m the king of the town

what did you do to me
i gotta get another hit off your energy
i’m cruising in neutral, you came into my life
and bam, kicked it up a big notch

i dropped in from the top
took off and carved a big slice

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