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lirik lagu amazin – omniscence



yo biz, play that sh-t
yeah yeah cause i told ya, ha ha ha ha!
it’s going down like this!
that’s some real sh-t, on some real sh-t
about to set this motherf-cker off
for the motherf-ckin nine-nickel represent
yeah, collaboration
n-gg-z ya know, n-gg-z ain’t ready for this that’s word life

[verse one:]

i’m living life collosal, i’m hostile
ghetto apostle, hip-hop that’s my gospel
i’m gettin up in skins like m-ssengil, dat’s the deal
not the guru, but i got m-ss appeal
p-ss the pill, and i’ma shoot the rock
like constipation put your sh-t on lock
i be the bomb and then some, you sweatin my income?
makin more yards than rashan salaam
gotta make moves in this hip-hop biz, f-ck a test
couldn’t even give me a pop quiz
so what’s up son? let us put the burner to the blunt, don’t front
and we gonna run a train on this stunt
that they call hip-hop, but i won’t catch blue b-lls
i’m goin way back, like the hairline of lou rawls
even before i got my label deal
i was disconnectin n-gg-z like they late for they cable bill
now i got the number one alb-m in the nation
on occasion… i’m sayin…

[verse two:]

uh, check it out… check it out… check it out…

i’m not run of the mill, pimpin sh-t like ron o’neal
reminiscin on can i get a deal?
makin demos in the garage, now i’m f-ckin large
now my entourage rocks camoflauge it’s a sabotage
this jam is on some bust your head sh-t
n-gg-z gettin amped and i ain’t even said sh-t
i be freakin facts from here to secaucus
b-tches stalk us, put us on like british walkers
i’m layin in the cut like a band-aid
and your sh-t is still played like waves in the skin-tight fade
like jade, everyday of the week i freak tecniques
what’s the science on the streets?
omniscence got the funky sh-t — for your system
omniscence got the funky sh-t — for your system
omniscence got the funky sh-t — for your system
run up in your earth and your wisdom
even though b-tches wanna skeeze me and please me and tease me
i ain’t goin out like eazy
pack a twenty-two caliber, blowin up like the challenger
bangin mo heads than metallica! what n-gg-, what?

[verse three:]

it’s like this y’all, it’s like that y’all
it’s like that y’all, one time for your mind!
lick shots one time to your mind
if you feel what i feel let me know one time
yeah, lick shots one time if the herb is superb
if you’re high then you got what you deserve

so once again again i slam god d-mn yo i’m out like antenna
no beginner, get under your skin like a splinter
punani n-gg-, rock the tommy hil-figer
and i don’t tote a glock, to show that i’m a real n-gg-
runnin sh-t in ninety-five, you ain’t gettin live
i’ll be takin your sh-t, like this was new jersey drive
i strive, for perfection, number eight section
selection, kickin like the tag to connection
you can bring the noise 3 boyz is my alliance
reggie and ronald better known as the giants
you know the science, i’m rippin out hearts
if i was a bomber then you still couldn’t get no parts
do rock it funky nasty downright
this is what a beatdown sound like!
so let me know if you f-ckin with me
i’m the o-the-m-the-n-the-i
the-s-the-c-the-e-the-n-the-c-to the f-cking e!


yeah, 3 boyz – make noise
this is our groove
so rock rock rock on
like that like this!
ahh yeah, just some flava
ninety-five, ninety-six, forever
and to the fake crews…
..i hope you’re ready
and to all the real n-gg-z…
rock steady. and i’m out