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lirik lagu analytical – cephalic carnage

this is the end you’ve gone too far talking sh-t incision emotional scars,
you’ll rot away, ulcers bleed today,
bleeding profusely, yet you refuse to quit,
grab a bottle of gin and take a healthy swig,
i’ve tried to help you, yet you refuse me, because i smoke pot,
you’ve never seen me in a drunken stupor,
for years i’ve watched you be a pathetic fool,
people have robbed you.
not any more i’m leaving home, sordid man you will die alone.
-n-lytical your words they echo in my head,
i’ll miss you more when you are dead, for all the hateful things you said, -n-lytical!
you could never hold a job, ever since the death of mom, but i tried to help you,
the years of drinking own your soul, you’re addicted now, it’s beyond your control,
i hate you and wish i were never born, zombified there is no hope,
paralyzed succ-mb to the pain in you, father you will writhe in pain,
ostracized renounce thy family name, sad as it is i wish the best for you,
i smoke weed to keep from killing you… you must let go of the past,
mom is dead and never coming back, 16 years of verbal abuse,
i was forced to live my life with a chronic alcoholic,
success was my only goal, all the times i was told i was a worthless piece of sh-t,
you were never there for me, i supported myself without your help,
because i can’t stand you, you are stupid, going senile xerosis infected.
the cycle of this disease has been broken by me, die die die.

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