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lirik lagu anarchy – inner terrestrials

let’s have a brief chat about anarchy,
here’s a rough idea of what it means to me,
it’s just my view doesn’t mean it’s true,
but i think it’s only fair to explain to you
giros don’t mean freedom, nor does special brew,
maybe you’ve forgotten what i thought you knew
pants down to the ketamein crew.
freedom ain’t the offie,
it doesn’t come in bags and wraps,
there’s a funny smell prevading and it ain’t me that shat
when i was green and young i thought all this was fun,
it took over my life and i saw what i had become
i saw the rebels had a leader and it’s name was babylon,
and i’ve realised it’s the poison that can stop us being strong.
if nihilist addiction gives a sense that you belong
and you think that it’s freedom then i’m telling you
you’re wrong

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