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lirik lagu ancient butterfly – tenth hour calling


fly my ancient b-tterfly
find balance between the wings
when autumn is wrapped around you now
and snow is falling
i have ran into your riches
they still call me poor
but the thoughts of all eternity
bring you close to my mind
there’s saftey in your shelter
and i come running back again
there’s peace found in your forgiveness
and i come running
i’ll pour out all my canister

when the ground is thirsty
these two wings are oh so mighty
i hear you calling
on the sh-r-s of hesitation
i am moving all your ways
i will trust and i will love you
i will come running
for i can feel you in my bones now
i hear you call my name
i have searched you and i’ve waited
and now i’m standing here
just mold me and design me
to the liking of your hand
i won’t stop until i see you
you’re the great i am

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