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lirik lagu angel fly – mike parrish & six gun


verse i
way above the sky
above the world so high
you’ve found a place
without a trace
of the things that made you cry
and i know that you’re okay
and i know you couldn’t stay
and you’ll come back to look in on us all from time to time

chorus i
angel fly
go ahead and spread your wings
angel fly
open up your heart and sing
angel fly
fly fly angel, fly away

verse ii
i know we’ll meet again
even though i don’t know when
when we’re there together
livin’ forever
it’ll be like we were never apart
even though you’re away so far
i can that you’re the brightest star
and until then you’ll be right here livin’ in my heart

chorus ii
angel fly
go ahead be on your way
angel fly
to those warm and sunny days
angel fly
fly fly angel, fly away


chorus iii
angel fly
you made this world a better place
angel fly
fly home now you’ve run your race
angel fly
dry the tears from your pretty face
fly fly angel, fly away
fly away
fly fly angel, fly away

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