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lirik lagu angel – mike goodrick

i look into your eyes, i see a different kind of love
one that i can’t get enough of
i see a future you don’t quite have a hold on
but who am i to talk on that
when our eyes met, i could see
you were out of my league
but god, god’s playing on a different team

i’ve never had my very own angel
perfect from the inside out
okay she has her flaws but who am i to talk
the question is she perfect for me

when you look into my eyes do you see
everything that we could be
if this is a dream, it’s the best dream
i’ve never wanted to wake up from
and since we met, i can’t stop smiling
and everything you do i can see
is sent from heaven

what’s the chance of meeting you here
i came to dance and there’s a thousand other fishes in this see
but you caught me, hook line and sinker you caught me
but am i good enough to keep

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