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lirik lagu angelica – cush


she looks like an angel
with tears in her eyes
so wonderfully floating
above your own cries
she clings like a river
that flows to your soul
believe that she’s living
in the love you let go

she holds on so strong
in unbelievable times
remembering younger
when you were alive
she’s fire-so godly
it shimmers in the sand
she knows how to take you
you hold out your hand

she dances like stars
to see if you want some
it seems you were unhappy
before it came undone
you’ll give up your bloomin’
from when you were grown
she’s nailing your soul
to the wall you don’t know

i’ll be faithful and kind
share you forever, in love
i’ll be faithful and true
serve you forever, in love

she begs for you to wonder
a bigger awe than fire
don’t think that it’s livin’
you wonder if you’re alive
you said, you’d give up
everything that you know
you want to give in
and she wants to let you go
it feels like your
heaven is done