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lirik lagu angelus perversa – eternal dream

what you are about to be told,
does not happen in this world,
but in the world of naryll.
where an ancient prophecy,
waits it’s awake.
a prophecy of destruction.

the seed of naryll,
power of the almighty.
kept in the hands of gods within time,
soon to be returned to the one.

the one who loved him,
the one who would always be by his side,
the one plagued by a mistake,
the one who would destroy us all

it all starts here,
on this cold rainy night,
as the first carrier of the seed
marches against a tyrant.
the death of this tyrant is the only way
for the universe to survive,
but at the cost of the rising
of the first who will light
the apocalyptic fire.

from the ashes
you will see her name,
as she rises to become creation.
arise, great one.

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