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lirik lagu animal in man – battalion of saints

the animals that run the world
will make sure that we all die
the animal that’s inside man
it’s lurking deep inside me
i try to wonder why
it has to be like this
look around can’t you see
the animals in the street
people walking all around
trying to steal your sp-ce
the animal that’s in man
will kill you if it can
the jungle you made around yourself
the concrete mountains that surrounds you and chokes you
sometimes i feel so trapped
no place to run and hide
being stalked by other men
who think they’re better than i
what makes them so good
or way above me
i’m just a human being
who just wants to be treated right


if you want to be god
look where it got him
hanging upon a cross
only man could do such things
kill over someones land
you’ll have to stop and think
since we’re next in line man will be extinct
man will be extinct man will be extinct
man will be extinct man will be extinct
man will have to survive man will have to survive

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