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lirik lagu another 70 bars (i’m back) – lloyd banks

yeahhh i’m back
it’s your n-gg-

30 deep or on own your still a victim
5 n-gg-s with me and then we goin jena 6 em
next time don’t speak without permission
you kno your livin like you’re on television
tell ’em why you mad at me
cause your break’s gone had to be
that to me is a allergy
look at my neck that’s salary
and don’t take battery to turn you into a casualty
don’t take a astron out the squeeze
leave a new york weather for a tropic breeze
he’s all about g’s, g’s turn to m’s, m’s turn to v’s
v’s turn corners into p’s please you see hurt ain’t a question
kicks all on that n-gg- david beckham
punchline overflow over the limit in the rover low
it move betta over snow i’ll make reign so long that my shoulder go
only 25 but them ply like i’m older though
n-gg-, who you think they imitate?
nothin but food on my dinna plate
watch how i demonstrate
i’m still ridin’ dirty though, glocks on the interstate
roll down the window let the outty eight ventilate
don’t go bring the drama on the hymn
you’ll get knock off like obama if he wins
my skins is like the bottom of my timbs
alligator print when i walk i limp
you n-gg-s is playin fire in the dark
don’t play with gang green you’ll lose a part
a toe, couple, a foot, a f-ckin leg, a arm, a head, all over what the f-cker said
cool & calm, i’m palm, nothin’ but the bread, oops, a lying lime like something red
da toughest, da flyest, da coolest
no”yes man” around here just shooters
look i’m unit til’ i die
it travel through my veins til’ my blood runs dry
if a n-gg- did somethin he can’t look u in the eye
he must got a chip give him a cookie on the side
get high if you with though
yea my 4’s are 54’s
you can’t see me on your tippie toes
i’m shinin’ dinin’ lighter than a hippie’s clothes
i dream about at land i gotta to get me those
i got platinum hands and i’m picky so
don’t step to me with your t-tties low
i’m saggin cause i’m movin with the magnum
i do it for murda they threw 25 at him
i do it for seth he took 20 more than that
a matter fact for my n-gg-s that’s neva comin back
i’m north always and i’m fly like photo day
old head i don’t show no gray
i ain’t puttin’ up sh-t let the promoter pay
if not kids drop on their shoulder blades
it’s the end of waiting you’ve been having
but i’ve been having my own that’s why i’ve been dragging
on tha road to the riches the custom made 6’s
straight bar strippas and my hotel slippas
don perrion and moe sippas
friends, cousins, i even bone sistas on christmas sh-t it was her wishlist
i act no hard to live with
loyalty is goin extinct
these lil’ half-brain n-gg-s don’t kno how to think
i think ain’t slowin down my weed boy at the sink
my eyes match with light, light go with the mink

you know just warming up
2 g’s up yoooo kno

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