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lirik lagu another notch – your ghost belongs to me


keep my name from your mouth
keep me out of you thoughts
i never want to see your face again

and how i wish i could forget the night
you fed me lies
open my heart to your false hope it
carpet bombs my mind
i fall just like ur panties did
when you ask for a taste
my closed eyes perform genocide when i
think of your face

your fake smile makes me feel decayed as i see you in that dress
i know your free so leave me be f-ck you, you left my soul a mess
half of the crotches in this town reek of jack and rum. great job!
you’re squinted eyes scream h-llo kitty as you gag on c-m. great job!


you gouge my eyes
and hypnotize
you’re scandalous
it’s no surprise