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lirik lagu answers unquestioned – sleep serapis sleep


we watch them burn
alive, yet hardly so…
we mark, efficient in the process
they’re the best at what they do

think not for what is but what might be.
i fear sleep only for what you may dream.

burning alive!

you d-mned the river
and bid the water rise
flood out the reason
then you shut tightly your eyes

i fear that only your death will send
the floodgates crashing down
and that the deluge of your denial
will sweep your corpse out to the far reaches of the earth
to join the thousands that thought as you do.

now, raise your gl-sses!
cause, it took every one of us working together
to satisfy the greed in the blood-shot public eye

this isn’t your choice to make
nor is it mine
world without end,
it’s true every man dies

now who among you has the courage to live?

dawn breaks, sides have been draw
who you are and who you want to be…
we won’t ask for what is ours
come sunset, we’ll take it all back

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