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lirik lagu anxiety of nearness – adam rhinehart

first there came the rains
then there came the sun
to dry up all the pain
and the worry left undone.
now here i stand alone
now that i have won your emotion
and your sweet sweet devotion.

how am i to see the rain
through the coming clouds of pain?
when you’re here
there’s an anxiety of nearness.
how am i to see the sun
knowing i’m the only one
who lives and lets love
build the things we’re made of.

i could sit or lie all day
and watch you waste away all the sorrow
never knowing what tomorrow may bring.
i could tell you “you are mine”
without a hint of a lie in my voice
or a shift in my position.


i think i wanna go home now
where i can hide away all day
never changing – never greying.
i feel like i can destroy now
all the things that you have made
with your life up till today.


i know i told you not to doubt.
i know i told you not to fear what you dont know;
but it’s the only way to grow sometimes.
i wish that we could see
the posibility of a tomorrow.
but we need to know the joy from sorrow.


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