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lirik lagu anybody – jesse mccartney


she left me hangin’ by a thread again
i stood there waiting like a fool for her
i never dreamed that i’d be in this place
but here i am all alone
it’s not the first time that she’s walked away
changed all our plans within the blink of an eye
and looking back it’s always been the same
but i refuse to see it all for what it was

has anybody ever felt this way
has anybody been ripped apart
anybody give everything to the one they love
am i the only one left behind
am i the only one who hates goodbyes
god i know this can’t go on forever

i wonder if she ever thinks of me
and all the promises she swore to keep
some nights i lay in bed just burning up
’cause i know that she’s out with someone else


i was the one who gave up everything for her
when no one would listen i heard every word, oh
it took me so long to see that maybe i am better off alone

[chorus x2]

god i know this can’t go on
all i wanna do is just move on
god i know this can’t go on forever
yeah i know this won’t go on forever
god i know this can’t go on forever

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