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lirik lagu aping friends – millionaire


if you wanna rip me off
then you better do it fast
if you wanna steal my style
then you better make this fast
i’ve got nothing left to loose
i’ve got no one to impress
you fake everything i do
i’ve been here longer then you

– ooooh ooh mmm–
i know that you like to ape me
– ooooh ooh mmm-
don’t really like that you ape me

if you want to copy me
then you’ll have to wait and see,
what my next step will be,
i know you’ll never be free,
from the urge to be hip,
never escape from the grip,
desperatly hanging on to contemporary song

motthaf&$ucka stole my move
and now i’m the one to prove
that there is nothing to this style
there is nothing in this mile
maybe you can steal my move
but you sure can’t steal my groove
everythingyou do is fake
better quit for both our sakes