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lirik lagu apocrypthum – appalling spawn


i feel everything as a medium for satisfaction
of my decaying and strongly stinking desires.
bestiality i feel as the strongest power,
it will not be appe-rs-d ever, it is growing still.
and it is leading me to the unknown sh-r-s
of beating and dripping wet extasis…
rushes of extraintensive waves want to tear me
off from the slushing embrance of the entrails.
…and they are rotting still…
flowers of apocrypthum
eagerly i tremble in extraterrestial visions
and open the doors of more and more
repulsive chambers.
in the nightfall magnificient flowers
come into flower
from the fertile psychodung of my ent-ty.
…and the superlative monsters
of this sphere i have
already brough under my domination and razed
the lair they crawled out to the ground!
destroyed by imense power of all exceeding will
…however not efficiently.
the world of apocrypthum has opened
for my eyes and i have sat on throne…