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lirik lagu are we alone – almadrava

a clear cold night
i lay down on the gr-ss.
i observe the sky
there just p-ssed some falling stars.

the moon, my friend,
he smiles to me,
’cause he knows what we are
in this huge infinity.

is there anybody out there?
are we alone?
are we alone?
is there anybody out there?
are we alone?
i am alone in my own univers.

my fingertips they dig
into the land,
waiting for the abyss
to get filled up with the sun.

i’m scared to fall
into this emptyness.
it feels so lonely here
in our own universe

is there anybody…

is there any being listening to what i say?
is it that they don’t want to here me,
or they’re just too far away?

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