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lirik lagu around the world – the game


“around the world”
(feat. jamie foxx)

[jamie foxx]
ohhh-ohhhhh yeah

[chorus: jamie foxx]
i know you’re sick and tired of waitin on me girl
but i’m, just tryin to get my money right
so let some dumb n-gg- take a flight
so i can take you all around the world
planes, trains, automobiles
bentley or a range, chromed-out wheels
first cl-ss ticket, g-4, you that deal
for real (i can take you all around the world)

[the game]
she like black bentley coupes, black day-tons
black interior, black ridin shotgun
black fo’-five, black air ones
bangin “the black alb-m,” track #1
she like that jay sh-t, that’s her favorite
if it’s gon’ get me the p-ssy i’ma play that sh-t
if she bite too hard, i’ma say that sh-t
but don’t bite me b-tch, i don’t play that sh-t
marques houston, i don’t play that sh-t
by the time we got halfway through watchin “ray” i hit
i laid it down beat it up, let her go clean it up
take a five minute nap, wake up and eat it, what
the it’s part two, in the sauna
feel like i’m f-ckin mary j. cause she don’t want, +no drama+
i’d rather take yo’ -ss to the bahamas
then give you 30 thousand a month like diddy baby mama


[the game]
picture me thuggin, picture me lovin you
like bobby love whitney now picture me f-ckin
pullin your ponytail smackin you on the -ss
tellin you how (i can take you all around the world)
that n-gg- can’t do it like this
even beyonce couldn’t move it like this
she only f-ck with +soldiers+, that’s her sh-t
i hate to admit it but i love my b-tch
so much, i’m sittin outside in the benz
thinkin back to dre’s house when i f-cked her best friend
the p-ssy wasn’t nothin; now i’m dealin
with +the diary of a mad black woman+ with louis vuitton luggage
she told me she was tired of the game and rap
quit like ma$e then she came right back
i told you the b-tch s-x was wack
and you’re all i need, even jamie know that

[chorus w/ ad libs]

[the game]
you know what they say, more money more problems more drama
means more marijuana and less baby mama
you know i love you like i love my shoes
but even white air force ones come in twos
yeah, i like her, and i like you too
what’s wrong? she my b-tch and you my boo
she got a range rover sport, you got a bentley coupe
she take my clothes to the cleaners, you take harlem to school
i gave you your burkin bags, so i made a mistake
and oprah don’t f-ck with them no more anyway
i’m sorry for the bullsh-t i put you through
but i ain’t goin nowhere, i got a kid wit’chu
why we always gotta argue about superhead’s book?
she sucked my d-ck with a condom on, after that i shook
and when she start talkin ’bout buyin a ring
i just turn the volume up and let jamie foxx sing

[chorus w/ ad libs]

[jamie foxx]
around the world with me yeah
around the world with me, ayy
around the world with me, hey
mmm, ohh