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lirik lagu asleep – second hand king


i sat at the door of the pearly gates
i tried to wait
oooh oh
you don’t know who i am or why i am
why don’t you understand
that this blackness hurts
that when i close my eyes it’s worse
that’s why i go to sleep
to black out, i p-ss out from doubt
oooh ohh
i don’t want to know why the sky goes blue
then the sun is the moon
and everything looks so dark in this room
so i go to sleep
till i’m deceased
i want you to care just say you’ll be there
when i fall
someday i will handle it all
but when i drop the ball
i keep saying i saw
the world as a girl, as a mountain, as a stone
but i’m alone

i’ve seen a tornado fall from the sky
i’ve seen a fire break down and die
i’ve seen the clouds take form
i’ve seen my whole d-mn life reborn
i built this wall
i want it to fall
i wanna know my name
but i didn’t want to know it all

i gotta family, but god d-mn
they never really did understand me
they put this front
only to tell you what they want

so i built up a small wall for two
and i thought the other part of the wall, was for you
in this small town, there’s only one horse
and i need out so i made my own course

i’ve been unhappy and i’ve met it’s course
i want you to know i was just looking for more
and i’ve know your hate, held onto it as weight
i let you bite me then walk over my fate
i’ve let the ants hold me down
when all i could hear was a single sound

my sisters bitter
put me to blame
cuz it took too long for me to change
i built this small wooden box for the rain
so when it all falls down it’s all the same
as i knew you

every color in the past grows bold
the more i know, the more i grow
someday i will show
you what it all means
but today i won’t
but today i won’t
so say goodbye
to the bad guy
to every bad thought
to every last stop
i will never drop
so when i close my eyes
just let me be
don’t let them take that part of me
and then i can wake up…
and then i can wake up…
and then i can wake up…