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lirik lagu asphyxiation – i declare war


as i wash
the blood from my hands
i wash all of
what you were away

you tried to f-ck me
but i f-cked you first
i’ll dismember your body
like a puzzle

as i tie your hands behind your back
you scream and beg me for my forgiveness

and i’ll paint the walls with your f-cking blood

watch the flesh rot
a stagnant corpse
for all to see

no tears will be shed
six feet under
so rest your head

so f-ck all your sh-t
and i’ll bury you deep
this will be the point
of all your deceit

grab the knife
cut it slow
eat the flesh
to quench my thirst

grab the knife
cut the flesh
devour your entrails
to quench my undying thirst

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