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lirik lagu assassins – icp (insane clown posse)

[chorus 1]
you know who you f-cking with?
wwwwwwww-wicked clowns [x2]

[chorus 2]
wicked clowns [x4]
don’t f-ck with me
wicked clowns [x8]
don’t f-ck with me
wicked clowns [x4]

[1st verse- shaggy2dope]
as i walked through river rouge, i saw this man
he was covered he was b-ttered sn-tched his jewelry and ran
i cought up with nate and said, “i think it’s worth a grand”
he smiled and he giggled and he shook my hand
his hand was going down handed me money so i’m giddy
the f-cking snake was cruel, all they gave was $7.50 (what?)
my mamma threw me out i called my sister a wh-r-
now my house is abandoned, my bed is the floor
it’s been a week i haven’t eaten, i starve and i call
saw my teacher miss elena up in weatherton mall
i broke into her docson, and jumped in the back
and waited for the b-tch them put my shank to her neck
she offered her car keys, cried and said, “please!”
she promised not to tell and give me a’s and b’s
i said, “i want your money, b-tch, and all i can sell” (now)
i looked into her eyes and she was scared as h-ll!
i new she was a snitch, so i cut off her tongue
got happy with the trigger now i’m on the run, i’m an -ss-ssin!

[chorus 2]
[chorus 1]

[2nd verse – violent j]
my father was a priest, cold-blooded, he’s dead
hypocrite, he was a bigot so i cut off his head
poured on the holy water, “bless the dead” is what i said
and heard the demon screaming as his body bled
now i’m drunk on the freeway, just the other day
i saw a fine hitchiker and i wanted to play
pulled up to the curb so i can offer a ride
she said, “thanks,” i said, “no thang,” and she got inside
peepin’ as i’m creepin’, i’m packing an erection
i’m staring with my d-ck i’m like ‘look,’ with direction
made it to her app. she got out and said, “see ya”
“yo babe like won’t you chill and help me kill this 2-liter?”(baby)
went into my trailer, i filled up a gl-ss
before she took a sip i had my d-ck in her -ss
i banged it and banged it, this sh-t was absurd!
like she was sporty spice and i was some f-cking nerd
then she rolled over and gave me a kiss, and said
“so when am i getting paid?” what b-tch?!?!
first i tried to choke her, she went for the door
and said, “welcome to the disease there’s no cure for”
b-tch, i love you, but now you gotta die
i chased her through the door but she slammed it in my eye
she p-ssed by my boy and i knew he was strapped
billy pulled out his gun and shot the b-tch in her back
still wanting booty, i went for the hatchet
and screamed at the moon like a sick psychopathic
choppin’ and choppin’ they said, “j, what the f-ck?!”
on the news they found her head stuffed up her b-tt, what?
i’m an -ss-ssin, hahahaha, a motherf-cking -ss-ssin, eeeaahhhh, an -ss-ssin!

[chorus 2]
a f-cking -ssasin
ah, an -ss-ssin
a motherf-cking -ss-ssin
an -ss-ssin

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