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lirik lagu at least we made it this far – relient k

i’m so tired of the phone baby
i don’t like the tone of the way we
say i love you a thousand times
we say those words but we can’t look into each others eyes

oh and i guess we made it
or at least made it this far
and it all looks smooth from here
oh and in a future day there may be waves but i must say the skies
have never looked so clear
oh and i guess we made it
cause it ain’t far to go from here

i’m so tired of the road baby
driving through the snow and just maybe
you’ll sit back
think about the times
when we said those words
and we looked into each others eyes

and you have given me a heart attack you’ll never know
what it’s like to have to face the fact you might let go
and i won’t stand for any thought of that, heaven’s no
cause i will cling to you and always have a stronger hold

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