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lirik lagu at the shores – alice in wonderland

‘take a minute to think about it, and then guess,’
said the red queen.
‘meanwhile, we’ll drink your health –
queen alice’s health!’ she screamed at the top of her voice,
and all the guests began drinking it directly,
and very queerly they managed it: some of them
put their gl-sses upon their heads like extinguishers,
and drank all that trickled down their faces –
others upset the decanters, and drank the wine as
it ran off the edges of the table – and three of them
(who looked like kangaroos)
scrambled into the dish of roast mutton,
and began eagerly lapping up the gravy, ‚
just like pigs in a trough!‘ thought alice.

(das bild wird zunehmend undeutlicher,
und die vision verbl-sst.
die phantasie muss sich der
wirklichkeit fügen, als schließlich…)

(…der ferne klang einer stimme die
zuhörer sanft, aber unwiderruflich aus ihren träumen weckt:)

a boat beneath a sunny sky…

- kumpulan lirik lagu alice in wonderland