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lirik lagu atlantis ascendant – bal sagoth

from the journal of professor caleb blackth-rne iii, continued…

10 october: 1893
the inscriptions on the tablet i discovered seem to be a fragmentary piece of some mysterious, perhaps apocryphal, larger work; evidently a lexicon of some description, undoubtedly of antediluvian origin. the first section, as far as i can discern, tells of an era thousands of years past when countless great and advanced civilisations, apparently with the legendary atlantis foremost amongst them, spanned the circ-mference of the globe. the initial p-ssage, seemingly a celebration of atlantis ascendant carved by a renowned chronicler of the day, speaks thusly:

the chronicler of antediluvia:
long ago, before the third great cataclysm reshaped the face of creation, one nation rose above all others in the antediluvian world… atlantis.
this jewel in the azure sea, atlantis ascendant!
pax-antediluvia, atlantis ascendant!
kingdoms rise and empires fall, atlantis ascendant!
pax-antediluvia, atlantis ascendant!
the prophecy… the prophecy! what price may the gods demand?!
(ancient) prophecy carved in stone, (countless) aeons past by hands unknown,
winged fiends scream forth attack, carnage as the sun burns black!

the sage counsel: doomed… doomed! the end is nigh!
the host of z’xulth: your realm is lost… it shall be devoured by the sea!
the sage counsel: the worm comes, riding the ravening oceans… the outer darkness disgorges its horrors!
it is foretold… atlantis shall be destroyed!
the atlantean quorum:
hear the call atlanteans, proud we stand forever,
mightiest of warriors, we sail across the sea.
conquering the ancient world, a legacy eternal,
raise the arcane sigil high, steel and sorcery!
blessed with immortality, dreaming spires of majesty, glory crowns our destiny!
the host of z’xulth:
your realm is lost… it shall be devoured by the sea!

the chronicler of antediluvia:
and so it was written in the stars, astride the world would stand the children of atlantis!
and yet disturbingly, another voice, a wholly darker and more malevolent presence, can be perceived lurking within the ancient body of the inscriptions, an ominous tone which prophesizes doom and ruination for the atlantean realm, speaking of a disastrous cataclysm foretold in the stars when the sun would burn black and the agents of some unfathomable evil would besiege atlantis, ultimately compelling the seas to rise and devour the continent, leaving no trace of the glory which once was. these p-ssages seem to have been deliberately obscured, and this fact combined with the p-ssage of countless aeons and the embrace of the eternally shifting sands lamentably prevents me from translating the inscriptions on the fragment any further.

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