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lirik lagu augie doggy – small arms dealer

i know it’s been a while
since we’ve had a talk
y’know, a man to man
a real heart to heart
i would call you
on the telephone
just to say hi
if you weren’t dead

but you are, so i cant, so i don’t
i could say a little prayer but i wont
just know that it’s not your fault
that i ruin everything
since you’ve been away
i haven’t had much to say
but one thing i need to know
are you still proud of me?

when you were alive
i could make you smile
apple of your eye
we were two of a kind
you and i have made
all the same mistakes
you would tell me so
if you weren’t dead

but you are and i’m not
i could even the score
it just takes one shot
but i wont
and when i get like that
i just think of you
yeah, i do that a lot

so here’s my little note to you
it’s something i needed to do
and know that i still love
i don’t know if i’ll see you again

i hope i will someday
but i’ll write this down in case
i just wanted you to know
that you were my everything
all my life, you were by my side
i’ll do what’s right and
make sure your still proud of me

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