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lirik lagu automation – allan sherman

(alan sherman)
it was automation, i know
that was what was making the factory go
it was ibm
it was univac
it was all those gears going
clickity clack, dear
i thought automation was keen
till you were replaced by a ten-ton machine
it was a computer that tore us apart, dear
automation broke my heart.
there’s an rca 5-0-3
standing next to me, dear, where you used to be
doesn’t have your smile
doesn’t have your shape,
just a bunch of punch cards and light bulbs and tape, dear
you’re a girl who’s soft, warm and sweet
but you’re only human and that’s obsolete
though i’m very fond of that new 5-0-3, dear automation’s not for
it was automation, i’m told that s why i got fired and i’m out in
the cold how could i have known when the 5-0-3
started in to blink it was winking at me, dear
i thought it was just some mishap
when it sidled over and sat on my lap
but when it said “l love you ” and gave me a hug, dear
that’s when i pulled out. . . it’s plug.
copyright 1963 curtain call productions
tune: fascination
@computer @parody
filename[ automtn
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