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lirik lagu ay – cult mountain


[verse 1: lee scott]
just because i end a statement with “mate” doesn’t make ya my mate
i sn-tched the steak from your plate, then slap you in the face
they call me nigel mansell-‘tache
with jazz in the background, fondling a bag of cash
and you don’t need to be told but i’m rare
me blood coagulates into solid gold when exposed to the air
i burn trees, and blame smokey the bear
i’ve got flair, but the rest of me’s not there
i’ll be as happy as pharrell once i stop larrying to h-ll
jack your stash of gary’s and valiums to sell
to myself, to help with the grief
while i’m dragging a gazelle by it’s hind legs with my teeth
“v” is for the vallies, i need to forget the women
who are now my exs, ’cause i couldn’t make it off the z-list
and cult road man don’t slow dance with the money crop
and get caught, with both hands in the honey pot
i woke up, and hit the snooze b-tton
this beat, makes me wanna sing the blues f-ckin’
i wanted to walk away but i stumbled like macy gray
i wrote this verse quicker than the time it takes to say
aye, aye y’all
it’ll be okay if we say so
pay slow, we wanna war but we don’t wanna pay though

[hook 1: milkavelli]
ohh.. today was a good day, today was a good day
today was a good da, today was a good day

[verse 2: trellion]
yo, all these b-tches wanna blow me off
they say i’m a nice guy, no i’m not
okay i get it, it’s the d i give ’em
you say you want realism, i’m what real-isn’t
that’s real n-ble of you trell
just tell it how it is, i hope no one’s doin’ well
people tell me just knowing me is swell
throw your b-tch a white tee, a super soaker would’ve helped
(wow) she got a h-ll of a rack
intelligent? of course not, she’s a trellion fan
called scott, what’s the most kidah
he said “where you at?”, i said i’m off the coast kidah
bring b-tches, ones who cook roast dinners
and roll swishers, and only drink olde english
she got pimp cups
wrestle jaws to the cooking song
lose a leg and carry on like there’s nothing wrong
f-ck rap, lets make russian donk
i moved out to moscow like someone put me on
people often ask me what the f-ck i’m on
my reply: “just your mum”
i’m f-ckin’ dumb
i try think of clever sh-t but nothin’ comes
so i stick with what i know, nothin’ much
your girl might not swallow when i bust a nut
but tell her if her cookin’ sucks, i’ma f-ck her up
let “hey! aye, yo!” b-tch, don’t ever bring me my steak cold
you better do what i say hoe
or underneath a gravestone’s where you’ll lay holmes

[hook 2: trellion]
but today was a good day, today was a good day
i didn’t even use my ak, i guess today was a good day (today)

[verse 3: milkavelli]
huh.. i guess i’m fast though
bmf sh-t, i get a half o
buy a chain, buy a whip
but f-ck a smart phone, ’cause i forget my p-ss code
i’m way too intelligent
bag up that fuego
i’m blazin’ an element
it’s that laigon regiment
north west resident
gore-tex north face quarter
i’m steppin’ in the place
all-white cortez
[?] in the rave
i’m limpin’ like a pimp with a cane
i’m on my ricky james’ sh-t sniffin’ cocaine
that’s a h-ll of a drug, a h-ll of a drug
i’m benevolent but i’m an incredible c-nt
like, c-ssie’s p-ssy
i have a kush-y odour on the eds and them xannies pushin’ me over
like, i hate being sober like sosa
i’m all up and down
bipolar my controller, called ayatollah
i am body drugged, it’s my persona
change the channel, find the controller