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lirik lagu b.l.u.t. (blood-lust, undead trance) – atrocity

i remember the night
sitting on the dark
the battle was won
but lost my love
i left the light side
chosen the dark
sworn another solemn
at fullmoon i bark
walkingthrough the centuries
a pathless path
symphonic blood l-st
on this funeral march
my innerself
is drifting in a red sea
bizarre and sweet
… b. l. u. t.!
awaiting the next vein
posessed byu essential desire
d-mned and addicted to survive
this form of life
i’m searching for her
the love i lost
i’m searching for her
taking away the frost
but too many years are gone
my mind like ice
b. l. u. t…
… you are my beauty
with my servants
i enter the air
diving down to the mortals
let them join the eternal form of life.
stapin de abscuritate,
fantoma nucturna
dragostea inseamna viata besnica,
care a obtinem numai prin moarte
“yes, but i will neve die!”
b. l. u. t. – you are my beauty. till i
reach eternal peace!

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