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lirik lagu baby blue – inbal dimri


oh, my boat is sinking and the thing i was thinking
of you are still there
biting my heart everyday
giving me reason to stay
making them stupid sweet eyes
change my plans

but now i’m on a plane
nothing can change what i’ve done
and i know that you’ll be missing me
when i’ll be long gone
i’ll keep on going even
if you’re not coming along
cause for sure
you will stay here
keep on regreting what you’ve done

cause we break down
and castles fall
and all the things weve worked for
goes to waste
but dry your eyes out
baby blue
you’ll see that we will
make it through in the end
well get to do what we meant

everytime i was thinking about you
my mind said that it’s
full of it
writing alone everyday
working all day just to play
now i’m alone in this world and there’s nothing to say

but now i’m on a plane…

cause we break down and…

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