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lirik lagu babylon astronaut – babylon whores

two feet have i
pillars of putrid meat
standing so tall among my
icons of filth
with gargoyle eyes
i see
the christ he’s smiling at me
his phosphorous grin
an absolution for all my sins

and in this room
the walls covered with flies
i’m seen through their myriad eyes
the alien eyes
i’m seen somewhere else
seen through the windows of h-ll

few million light years from home
i am searching for a different kind of
the babylon astronaut

could you leave it all behind’

(there is no evil)

i see the stars painted on the window’s gl-ss
seven planets supporting the nothingness
and i am happy
nothing more nothing less

(there is no evil)

something came to my room
as flies on the ceiling
coming down on me
one by one
and their hairy limbs
crawling on my naked skin
the motherf-ckers scr-w-ng on me
insect s-x

i won’t move
as my ears are laden with eggs
close my eyes
and dream of being back in the womb

“under the juniper trees
talking cats and silver boots filled with

could you leave it all behind’

under another sun i’ll grow saturnine
lay siege to heaven in fever dreams
and i smash my head
into the window’s gl-ss
and see the stars coming down at last

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