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lirik lagu babylon – the jacka

[verse 1: the jacka]
i just wanna rap, babylon wanna wrap me
cuff me on my lie, with my little girl lookin’ at me
my n-gg- had you robbed, you tried to cop
bull you should got at me
i’m starin’ in the mirror, my n-gg- all i see is larry
nose full of clam, businessman, no secretary
sucka want me down but the n-gg- never said it to me
illests n-gg-s out, remember that you said
they want that fake sh-t all the time
till the point that they forgot they know me
hard to face the don, on so much ‘ron you’ll never get to know me
they ain’t with the sh-t that n-gg- amp’ll have you fixed for me
blow’ll have you stabbed, c-bo my only big homie
n-gg-s on parole, lil’ brodie gotta p-ss for him
n-gg-s on the xans make your b-tch suck our d-cks for ’em
only buy work from the (?) till we get strong
toss you in the surf they won’t find you till you just bone
sixty in the chop, don’t got a glock ‘less the clip long

[hook: the jacka]
[verse 2: ampichino]


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