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lirik lagu bachelor of hearts – aisha


he’s the bachelor of hearts
don’t even start

he’s got a degree
in being a single man
and breaking hearts is his only plan
he’s out everyday
searching for his prey
chasing anyone that p-sses his way
if you know like me
you will be
on your best behavior
because he is a player
he can sense insecurity a mile away
like a shark and it’s prey
when he zeros in
you’ll think a hero’s in the room
then he’s gone real soon
he knows no love
only l-st
he knows no fidelity
only mistrust
he’s always smiling and winking
laughing and blinking
girl what are you thinking


bachelor of hearts
don’t even start
his pedigree
is of a labrador retriever
he’ll pick up any bird
then leave her
he’s got a degree in misogyny
that’s not a catch
there is a catch

verse 2:

stop going in the wrong direction
every woman you meet
you add to your collection
you play with emotions
like it’s a notion
broken hearts
like sands to the ocean
you give good men a bad name
playing this game
you have the potential to be a good man
i don’t understand
why do you feel the necessity to act this way
what a game you play

repeat chorus


the bachelor of hearts
always playing his part
always at the party
looking fool hardy
always at the club
looking for love
be real for a change
stop playing games
do you even remember their names?
or have you lost count
at the sheer amount
you’ll flirt with anything in a skirt
it doesn’t matter who ends up getting hurt
then he set his sights on me
thinking i would fall for that easily
but you’re out of your league
and i think you should know it
you’re out of your league
and you just don’t know it
if you don’t want to reap it
then don’t sow it

repeat chorus

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