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lirik lagu badder – rasheeda

(feat. toya carter)

oh i saw your pretty -ss just as soon as you stepped in the club
i was like oh lookin so good i just had to know who you was
shorty your badder than a motherfah
(shorty your badder than a motherfah)
i want you badder than a motherfah
(i want you badder than a motherfah)
[repeat 2x]

(let’s go) i see you you see me i know you want it baby i
know you want it baby (baby) all up on it baby (aahh) i’m the type
that your gone wanna make your lady (lady) wanna make ya lady
make your main lady

you turned your swagg on soon as i walked in tryna
impress i’m not an easy chick to win show me how
u can do it betta than the next man (man) can you
please me do it like no otha can


is it the way i walk or the way my dress fittin he
like my tatoos love the way this thing sittin (yup)
is it my smile he say my face so pretty (yea baby)
said i’m the one hes been tryna get wit me is it my
att-tude he know i’m independent he know i’m bout-it
bout-it (bout-it) he know i get-it get-it he kinda
fly got a s-xy face (face) thought i found love
could he be my soulmate


is you a team player can we compliment each otha how
many things we got in common wit one anotha just
keep it real i know you don played the field and now
ur lookin for a girl who can seal the deal you been
waiting on me baby well here i is show me what ya
got (got) handle ya biz he ain’t like the otha
suckers and he made it clear he said he gotta have
me and whispered in my ear



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