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lirik lagu bar bor bar – hollywood


[verse 1 : jcrew$100]
i got so much money i can buy a hummer
trap’n out a honda
diamonds knock you out like ronda (ronda rousey)
i’m slanging the lumber

[verse 2: hollywood]
trap’n and cap’n
money stack’n
got a red bone
she brack’n
money forever stacking
give my money back
yaul n-gg-s so wack
got a red bone
she do what i tell her and she gone throw it back

[verse 3: jcrew$100]
she throw it back
she got a red thong
i tell her put it on
i’m at the top all on my own
ima shoot you if you try to take me out the zone
my paper so long
my paper so old
my benji’s won’t fold
your girl on gold
i will never sell my soul
you a snitch because you told
let hollywood say what he gotta say i think its real bold

[verse 4: hollywood]
don’t talk to me
i see your girl watching me
not just me because crews with me
yes we are the team
that got the rings
money on trees
blowing like leaves

[verse 5: jcrew$100]
your girl is sucking on me
she lovin the d
she lickin on my feet
sucking my meat
im going to hard for this beat
her panties are gonna leak
your rhymes are so weak
i drip drip and she leak
and i skeet
i beat
but i don’t eat

[verse 6: hollywood & jcrew$100]
now p-ss it to me
i don’t want that beat
so don’t p-ss it o me
man she crazy
super crazy
i mean brazy
p-ss it to marco
he p-ss it to baleb
then we go lay-up
tell her hold her face up
put that c-m on it
n-gg- we gone
play with her thongs
leave that hoe alone
kick her out the house tell her go home
she is so wrong
she probably the reason why i sang this song
my paper so long
paper so long
got a new phone
n-gg- that chopper gonna ring just like my telephone
n-gg- you gone
eat her up left no bones
she suck on my dong
jcrew$100 is gone
n-gg- you gone
trap off the phone
gotta lotta money never needed a lone
since you gone
i might as well
leave and now i’m gone
(switch it up)
[verse 7: jcrew$100 & hollywood]
trap’n drill’n in your girl
i took her around the word
i ate her up like a cheese curl
wanna know how i took your girl?
bought her diamonds and pearls
then i rocked the world (gone)

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