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lirik lagu bar mitzvah in 1999 – drake


i’m black and jewish
don’t be so foolish
i’m black and jewish
it’s a mitzvah

please don’t forget i’m black, please don’t forget i’m jewish
i play ball like lebron and i know what a w-2 is
chillin’ in boca raton with my mensch, lenny kravitz
the only purple drink we sip is purple manischewitz
at my show, you won’t simply put your hands in the air
we can also raise a chair or recite a jewish prayer

like baruch [?] yisrael
[?] kim kardashian kanye west, amen
i eat hova with nova, knishes with my b-tches
a bagel and cream cheesy with my boy, his name is weezy
do not go to feingold’s, though
the pickles are rubber
and i will not be harmin’ yah
i read the old testament, okra and matzahball, i’ll eat the rest of it
i celebrate hanukkah, dated rihannakah
birth right in israel, mama from canada
daddy from africa
both of best worlds when you’re jewish with black in ya’