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lirik lagu barking – citizen fish

think back to a bar surrounded by craziness
unthinking drunken punk excess
lives exploding from the stress
of thoughts restrained by soberness
misconception misdirection
shredding lifelong friend connection
contorted faces barbed wire words
fighting talk that goes – heard

abc defences rise
from loss of all pretences – why
this is real as one perceives it
but total sh-t as the other sees it

bang – two friends get separated
i hate to see it generated
one dog barks the other runs
to get another bigger gun

observers stay but know the fun
has gone – you know that everyone
has half an idea what went wrong
but being drunk the idea’s gone
the idea’s gone

the questions all get theorised
the answer sleeps unrealised
see you in the morning then
i hope we see those to again
clinking gl-sses eye to eye
friends like that don’t compromise

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