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lirik lagu bathroom – toy-box


here i lie in stinky vapor
becuz some b-st-rd stole the toilet paper
shall i lie or shall i linger
or shall i be forced to use my finger

here i sit , broken hearted
tried to sit, but only farted
here i sit, what a caper
i have to sh-t , but i’m out of paper

you’re lucky, you had your chance
i tried to fart, and sh-t my pants!

some come here to take a sh-t
i came here to leave one

some come here to sit and think
some come here to sh-t and stink
but i come here to scratch my ballz
and read the bullshyt on the walls

here i sit , i’m at a loss
trying to shyt out taco sauce
when it comes i hope and pray
i don’t blow my -ss away…

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