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lirik lagu battle of species – oxiplegatz


the farthest reach of known sp-ce – sagittarius and the galaxys core.
a rare encounter – twin worlds, touched by the lifespore.

on their world called halcyon they had known nothing but peace
through thousands of years, now war’s upon them.
the concept of evil they did not antic-p-te,
welcome they said, now death’s upon them.

(in peace, at ease, until they came.)

no inclination for lenience, a harsh kind indeed,
victims eaten alive in their feedingfrenzy.
the ancient gardens set aflame.
forced to submit their flesh to feed the usurpers.

hexaped razorlimb insect warriors.
alien conquerors, usurpers, dogs of war.

two worlds – two species, sp-wn of the same sun.
compulsion was the lot of one, as sp-ceships fell from the sky.
airlocks hissing, ironclad monsters pouring out.
lasers scorching, scimitars thrashing – genocide.

milennium of enslavement awaits.
the heartbeat of a world fades.