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lirik lagu bay area – lil’ wyte

bay area it is da hood of da brave
bay area none my boys are afraid
bay area we got dat work down here
bay area we let it go fo da low round here.

[verse 1]

flickin through da bay b-mpin marvin gay sunny days i gots to get payed 20 k oh and by the way the bar shifted of me and fraiser bizzle thats fo shizzle all da other perpatraders better be packin they pistols cuz i got pencils for p-ss-es packin some big utinles off the hizzle i’ll put this thrizzle right between both yo wizzle this is lil whizzie i’m not playin i can leave it so greasy b-tch ya heard me dirty south represent to bess beileve me i got to push it and shove it either way you go i’m hot as an oven humpin and b-mpin and on on its the dro the hcp family gonna represent until i die of daze satifaction this happens to be always on my phase fraiser bou and v my fans and all my faculty is half of the reason wyte won’t let me rest in peace couldn’t of done it wit out billy many aren’t wit my -ss get yo -ss slapped silly when you f-ck up in da bay


[verse 2]

i’m steppin about the household sit yo -ss back runnin down town in a black cadillac jack are still smokin gimme some bro even though you broke im go take yo weed and yo crack jack this is the conversation bout life in da needy nation really i don’t give a f-ck about sh-t if it ain’t payuh chasin i’m about my and that’s why prize is about take this sober good thing this doser came from cordova cuz i can’t be sober don’t really stop da hood it what i have become to be but later on i be d-mned if i don’t put this on gob i ride deez streets i smoke this weed and one day i’ma stop and see that this is the life i always wanted da man to let come out of me da bay my stopin ground and round here we got dro by pouond but half of deez motha f-ckers round here broka than homie the clown witch means you have to take yo klan to another location bring some out of towners to catch yo slack so if you ain’t made it i tell you dis will get crazy rest the day go by so watch it the bay o 5 round here and they ain’t ya do to stop it


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