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lirik lagu be here – inpassing


i’m trying to fight it but it’s killing me
the way you’re looking straight through me
like i’m just a stranger no way to make you see
that i’m everything you need
and you’re so unsure isn’t love just what you’re asking for
but if you don’t believe then how do i make you see
that i’m everything you need

and it’s hard to carry on
when i’m weak but love is strong
so hear me don’t bury my heart in the ground

if only you could be here
where feelings are the same as mine
you’d tell me you love me your thinking of me
all the time
and know that i will be here waiting patiently
come next to me i’ll never leave
i’m waiting here for you to care

one look could define it but it’s hard to see
when you’re blinded by the jealousy
of what your afraid of don’t be afraid of me
i am everything you need