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lirik lagu be my guest – john valby

from the alb-m cherry poppin’ in grand rapids

f-ck her br–sts
be my guest
put some oil
upon her chest
stick your d-ck
between her nipples
let the b–bies
do the rest

it’s a cinch to begin
hop on top and
slide it in
if you’re lucky
get some sucky
when your d-ckhead
hits her chin

make ’em shake
make ’em dance
you may come on
your underpants
tell her that you’ve
only one request

if you start to get hot
just finger your own tw-t
be my guest
be my guest
be my guest

slap her b–b
with your tube
if it’s not the proper lube
put some b-tter on her utter
even margarine’ll do

make her squeeze
when it stalls
put some pressure on those walls
fill the tunnel for your funnel
and a place to rest your b-lls

when you come on her lap
cleaning up is such a snap
i know my p-ssy squeeze
is not the best

so when you’re all alone
and the dog comes home
be my guest
be my guest
be my guest

invite your mother in-law
for a menage-a-trois
be my guest
be my guest
be my guest

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