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lirik lagu because he loves lorraine – alicedean

oh it’s another friday night
she prays he doesn’t start a fight
but she knows her prayers in vain
because her love is not the same

the fight it starts it’s his excuse
just to set him on the loose
he could never love his wife
he’s at the tavern half his life

cause he loves lorraine

his talk it hurts the one he loves
but still he thinks that he’s above
so all the while he stays the same
in loneliness he calls her name

nakedness unrealized dreams
an empty home it always seems
he wraps his heart in the white lines
and leave his dark hair girl behind

cause he loves lorraine

his paycheck gone in just two days
he will not stop his evil ways
there won’t be supper on this night
he laid down his lines of white

cause he loves lorraine
cause he loves lorraine

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