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lirik lagu beef and broccoli – immortal technique

look, let me make something abundantly clear for people
that are so bereft of activities
they feel like they gotta comment on every one of mine
first of all, being a vegetarian should never be -ssociated
with being a revolutionary or being open minded, that’s a dietary choice
if someone wants to proliferate the type of ignorance
we’re supposed to be fighting by thinking that, you’re just f-cking yourself
i don’t go around promoting beef and poultry shoving it in peoples faces
i don’t castigate people for not eating steak sandwiches
and i would never diss someone for being a f-cking broccoli head
or living off radishes or eating gr-ss with tofu
i like a lot of vegan cuisine but the illogicality
of expecting everyone to adopt your particular idea
of what being healthy is, is just preposterous
i’ve seen some of you herbivores, and if you wanna argue health
y’all need to eat some kind of supplement
because some of y’all are so skinny that it’s disgusting
lookin like the only hip hop motherf-ckas on schindler’s list
being a malnutrition -ss got nothing to do
with being revolutionary or being on point
i’ll be d-mned if i let somebody else push their agenda on me
you know, i don’t eat pork, not cause i’m a muslim
i just don’t really like it, but i really will f-ck a bird up
and fish is good when that sh-t is fresh
it’s like my n-gg- vast aire from can’ ox said
if you don’t like the smell of burning meat, then get the f-ck off the planet
you know, i don’t criticize people for eating moss
and don’t open your f-ckin mouth about my food man
i like beef and broccoli motherf-cka, mind your god d-mn business
matter of fact, you know what? i’m out
i feel like a some aronco pollo, a banana daiquiri
and a motherf-ckin bistelpanado

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