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lirik lagu before the blackened sky – euphoreon

her black eyes behold the night-
her heart as cold as ice
faceless, yet so merciless
deceptive in design
she feeds all life our every move
flames have never burned so true
beware the fire
before the blackened sky
nightfall awakes in silence
sky yearns the heavens cry
enshrined with l-st, everlasting fuel
relentless, and so ever cruel
dark clouds linger near
watch the horizon disappear
embrace the fire
arise, the blackened sky
landscapes devoured by time
surrender this fight
feeling of emptiness and fear
tales once told
grow tiresome and cold
my cries fall deaf again
save me
fore i fall again into blackness
fore i serve as slave to darkness
before i rise into the sky and lose all sense of reality
what’s hidden deep beneath the surface
see what lies voids beyond
with the light you fade away and vanish to the night
brazen, fire, relinquish, soul
seventh, sinner, you will, resent, your, cry
this night, reveal yourself to me
you’re not, the be all and end all
and you will never envy anyone, but you
now as the light begins to fade
memories so cold from yesterdays
drown my sorrows from the past and gather strength to rise again
when lightning strikes down the earth, endless calls of death will be heard
and the gods of night will sing again for their reign of night, has begun

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