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lirik lagu behind stage – lou bega

behind stage

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you
thank you very much, very, very much
it’s been a pleasure playing for you, you were hot
yeah you were, you were s-xy, yeah, you were
but please find your way home safely, bye bye
see ya, oh, what a show, let me get a shower first

mr. bega, mr. bega you, you, you cannot go the people want more
please play only one more song, please mr. bega
oh yeah, i don’t see nothin’ wrong with it
but my band left already, so there’s no support for me
i can fix the problem i fixed it already, yeah

my brother, he’ll support you. he’s a funky funky salsa band
he’s the best salsa band in the whole wide world
believe me, when i say so i say so
so when you say so, you say so? when i say so you say so

okay but listen i’m the mambo king not no salsa king
you too, mr. bega, i know i know
all right, you convince me i do, i’ll try my best
okay, okay, okay, okay, give me all you’ve got
you play salsa i’ll sing mambo

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