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lirik lagu believe – you army

lately, i’ve been brought down by the burden of the day
the world seems to explode in so many impossible ways
it’s energy is soft and burning slow
it radiates realms, they’re beautiful.

can you feel it, i can feel it.
love is strong like sheets of a storm
i’m broken i’m battered i’m twisted
looks like he isn’t gonna make it one more day, that’s why lord you’ve got to believe

so focus long, be forever strong a man crumbles into the dust
united we can build an eternity
so long to travels beyond our means
if you will it, it’s not a dream


i float away it’s only my tears that stay.
lasting impressions, bitter embraces
it’s times to bleed just one more melody

sound off, be heard and fear less than you would
forever more, a peace that’s out the door
a bridge drowns in it’s waters below
lies told, now who’s poor?


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